How does an advertising agency work?

The Economic Times says, “Advertising is a means of communication with the users of a product or service.” We like to think of it as the first step of communication that builds lasting relationships with potential clients, and trust and respect from all parties involved. You may be in a service industry or you may sell a product, but either way you are probably here because you are looking for a way to reach more people.

An advertising agency can bring method to the madness that is marketing.


Some ways that an agency can help you are…

Develop a Network of Relationships

One of the key elements of a good agency is the company they keep and the relationships cultivated over meetings, events, and time. One of the key roles an advertising agency fills is having spent the time building relationships with experts in each marketing channel, so that when your business is brought to the table they know exactly where to place your ad, when to air your commercial, whose voice needs to do your next radio spot, and which billboard is in the right location to reach your targeted clients.

Advertising is a puzzle of constantly moving parts and it takes consistency and brand focus to guarantee your company is represented according to your brand strategy. An advertising agent isn’t limited by the professional experiences they have on their own. You’ll know you found the right agent when their reach doesn’t stop at their fingertips but spreads to all the experts in their field, and they work diligently to get your company the exposure it needs to succeed.

Study the trends

A strong agency will have multiple team members who nerd out on charts and algorithm reports showing web traffic trends, SEO buzz words, and projections. Not everyone loves to pour over this information but it is an element to your success that, if ignored, will limit your online presence and will inevitably lead to frustration and potential neglect of your site altogether. This should be an easy one for an ad agency to step in and take off your shoulders.

Building agency knowledge of your industry to best represent you

You may be wondering if you need to find an advertising agency that specializes in your industry. Simply put, no. It is our responsibility to tailor our industry to you by learning more about what you do and utilizing our talents to shine a light on yours. Here at Arrow Marketing, Media & Consulting we do this by doing a deep dive into your company, building a personal relationship with you and your team as well as spending time researching both your local and nationwide industry leaders. It’s an agency’s job to make sure you are both standing out amongst your competitors and connecting at a high level to your industry standards. It is a balance of opposing forces that we hope to help you navigate and thrive at.

Keep your company’s branding consistent, cohesive, and true to your values

One facet to having a successful business is brand recognition. It is vital that your branding stays on point with your brand strategy and everyone who puts their touch on getting the word out understands not only your mission, but your voice and how to present your company with as much passion and purpose as you do. Having an advertising agency on your side means they hold a large portion of the responsibility to keep all the parts moving in the same direction. It is definitely helpful to have someone on staff who can chime in on a social post from time to time, but if five people in a company are in charge of writing content for your social accounts, blog posts, radio spots, and tv ads, you get five voices, five opinions, and no cohesive feel across platforms. Clients see that, they feel the discord, and it can push them away wondering if you know what you’re offering any more than they do.

If you find yourself at the end of all of this thinking “I can’t do this alone”, we would be honored to step in, walk with you, and help you present to the world the business you have spent your life’s moments creating in such a way that helps you thrive. Your success is our success.

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