Digital Marketing in Oklahoma

Your consumers are always on the move, and they’re moving more online every day. What does this increasingly digital marketplace mean for you? It means a different approach to advertising your business. 

Digital marketing is simply marketing that uses the internet and electronic devices to get your advertising in front of current and potential customers where they are most often — online. Just like traditional marketing, the success of your digital marketing depends on getting the right message to the right person at the right time. The goals are essentially the same — increase brand awareness, nurture customer loyalty, and improve customer retention.

However, while digital may be built on the same fundamentals as traditional marketing, its execution requires a different kind of precision. Unlike a finite number of billboards, TV spots, or print pages, the amount of digital advertising space you are now competing for is exponentially broader with exponentially more players on more level ground, where a small local startup can capture just as much attention as a corporate colossus. Now your marketing has to do more than show up; it has to stand out.

At Arrow Marketing, Media & Consulting, marketing is in our DNA. We began our decades of experience in local media markets and we’ve been evolving ever since, developing innovative and integrated digital marketing strategies that work. We know how to determine the best digital strategy for your goals, create compelling messages, and implement plans that make the most of every advertising dollar.

Arrow Marketing, Media & Consulting is your partner for exceptional digital marketing. Your goals are our goals, and we believe in strategies designed to scale with your business. We don’t just provide actionable recommendations for real results; we provide you with the tools you need to achieve them and to track them, so you always stay on top. Take your digital marketing to the next level with digital marketing services from Arrow Marketing, Media & Consulting.

Digital Marketing Services in Oklahoma

Social Media

These two little words can change the trajectory of your business. Social media gives you infinite opportunities to not only build, shape, and manage your business reputation and message, but to also get to know your target customers intimately, connecting and engaging with them in ways that foster awareness, build brand loyalty, and increase sales. However, while social media may be a beast, it is not a monolith. Harnessing the power of this multi-dimensional media requires precision and diligence to be both effective and profitable. At Arrow Marketing, we use advanced data analytics and proven methods to help you get the most out of everything social, from Facebook and Twitter posts to targeted paid advertising and social response. We create thoughtfully planned, well-executed social media strategies that can improve your performance metrics across the board in areas like increased website and in-person traffic, better conversions through targeting and retargeting, and, ultimately, higher sales. Click for more on how Arrow Marketing, Media & Consultation helps your social stand out.


What’s a great brand if no one can find it? A critical piece of your digital marketing strategy, SEO improves the “searchability” of your business, keeping it at the top of search engine results with on-site, off-site, and technical optimization methods like backlinks and website promotion, page and content optimization, and crawling and indexing performance. At Arrow Marketing, Media & Consulting, we build an SEO strategy that’s customized to you, because you shouldn’t be doing what everyone else is doing — you should be doing something better. By marrying SEO best practices with advanced analytics and creative content, we help identify what your target customer base is searching for and how you can be their answer so your brand stays at the center of their search. We also keep up with the constantly changing guidelines and updated algorithms so you can keep focused on what matters most: your business. Click to find out how to sail past your competition with SEO.

Website Design & Development

In an age of digital dominance, you have just seconds to make a first impression with your customers, so you want to make sure it’s a good one. Arrow Marketing offers the exceptional, experienced website design and development services you need to lay the groundwork for an impression that shapes the perceptions customers have of your business and brand. In addition to conveying a consistent message that reflects who you are, your website should provide a seamless user experience for visitors, making it easy to keep them on your page and moving through the purchase funnel. Easy accessibility and navigation help customers interact positively with your brand, while elements like mobile-friendly formatting and quality content help nurture leads into valuable conversions. Your website should be good for visitors, but it should also be good for you, with integrated elements that improve SEO performance, help you track analytics and key indicators, and allow you to update, post, and edit quickly. At Arrow Marketing & Consulting, we implement best practices and sound fundamentals to design and build websites that are optimized for both search and conversion, keeping your business in tune with your consumer base, not out of touch. Dig into Arrow’s design and development by clicking here.

Email Marketing

With options like personalization, marketing automation, and in-depth analytics, email marketing offers one of the simplest, most cost-effective methods of acquiring new customers and retaining existing ones. By allowing consumers to opt-in to your email list, you can build and maintain an engaged subscriber list that is actually expecting — and looking forward to — your marketing, marketing that meets them directly in their inbox where it’s convenient for them and that invites them into a personal connection with your brand for a fluid and more cohesive buyer’s journey. From welcome and nurture campaigns to re-engagement and reward, email marketing lets you connect all of your marketing channels so you never have a missed opportunity to convert again. Arrow Marketing can help you create an email campaign with quality content and a compelling call-to-action that delivers more leads, higher sales, and increased revenue, all with the click of a “send” button. We’ll also help you track its performance through metrics like opens, clicks, and e-commerce activity, and refine it for more meaningful and profitable touchpoints, all of which help you capture more customers and keep them close. Here’s more on Arrow’s email marketing by clicking here.

PPC Advertising

PPC can be a powerful way to cut through the online advertising noise and get your business directly in front of your customers at exactly the right time. Paid social, Google Ads, and programmatic display are just a few of the ways you can improve everything from time on-site to click-through and conversion rates. At Arrow Marketing, Media & Consulting, we dive deep into the data to develop a PPC strategy that delivers real, measurable results, so you make sure you’re getting the most out of every marketing dollar. We use highly targeted messaging, affiliate promotions, and customized optimization to place your ad where it needs to be for better performance and higher profits. Click to learn how Arrow Marketing, Media & Consulting delivers PPC that packs a punch.

Content Creation & Marketing

Your website should be more than service or product listings; it is the face of your business. Thoughtful, engaging, and well-constructed content captures the attention and confidence of your potential customers while improving your organic search results. Exceptional copy, designs, and features shape your company’s image in the eyes of potential customers, building confidence, trust, and loyalty long before the first transaction. Our SEO, design, and development teams work together to create seamless, compelling content that is articulate and aesthetically interesting. Whether you need new content for a young website or are looking to refresh an existing platform, Arrow Marketing, Media & Consulting can help deliver your message with precision and keep your company’s image on point. Read more on how Arrow Marketing crafts the perfect content by clicking here.

Digital Display

Just like billboards along the interstate, digital display is designed to command your customers' attention as they cruise down the information superhighway. Digital display is visually appealing push advertising that is strategically placed on relevant third-party websites or platforms where it can build awareness of your product or service and drive traffic back to your brand's landing page. Arrow Marketing, Media & Consulting takes a personalized approach to your digital display marketing, creating forward-thinking strategies that not only increase your online visibility, click-through rates, and conversions but also help grow your brand with emotive aesthetics and consistent messaging. We'll help you determine which platforms, formats, and frequencies best fit your broader business goals and encourage the most action from your target audience. Then we’ll use innovative analytics to help track your efforts and figure out where we need to re-engage those customers so we can increase your reach, create more intent, and guide them all the way through the purchase funnel.

Why Arrow


Arrow Marketing, Media & Consulting is one of Oklahoma City’s premier advertising firms, and we know media. It’s where we all started, and we know what it takes to not only survive in the local market but thrive. We’ve grown with the evolution of media and are passionate about helping small, local business owners and entrepreneurs make the most of their advertising budgets.

The connections we’ve built and the relationships we’ve fostered with some of Oklahoma’s largest media and print companies are precisely what you need to get your advertising exactly where you want it at exactly the right time and exactly the right price for maximum media exposure. What’s more, we dedicate the time, attention, and hard work it takes for your marketing strategy to be profitable and productive.

Arrow is a boutique agency focused on only one thing — your success. We pick up the phone, answer the emails, and show up to the meetings, and every project receives the personal attention it deserves from every member of our team.

Call Arrow Marketing, Media & Consulting today and let’s get started building your complete marketing strategy, from traditional to digital and everything in between. You can reach us at 405-213-4268, use our convenient online contact form or email us directly at Let’s get to work.

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