Traditional Media Services

Despite the ever-changing advertising landscape, traditional media continues to be among the most recognizable and credible forms of marketing. Formats like television, radio, billboards, and direct mail stand steady in the face of shifting marketing trends, and their versatility allows you to tailor your message to both broad and niche audiences alike. Traditional media also adds a variety of touchpoints to your purchase funnel that drive awareness and create interest, directing consumers to your online platforms and making them more likely to engage with your digital ads.

Traditional media still matters, and it’s still around for a reason: it works. As part of an integrative marketing strategy, traditional media’s expansive reach can help position your business in front of audiences you set out to target as well as some you didn’t, and including traditional media into your marketing strategy doesn’t have to be an “either-or” scenario. Successful marketing campaigns use a combination of placements, timing, and mediums that complement each other and build more brand visibility across more fronts. Moreover, today’s consumers are increasing their consumption of all types of media, and it’s just good business sense to make the most of established marketing avenues like traditional media.

Arrow Marketing, Media & Consulting has the industry acumen and depth of expertise you need to determine the right combination of marketing tools that optimizes your ROI while protecting your budget. We know how to leverage traditional media platforms — many of which already boast well-established readership, listener, and viewer bases — to deliver your content, expand your reach, and drive more traffic to your business, making your entire marketing strategy more successful.

Our years of experience in the local media market become your advantage when identifying and negotiating the most effective placement of your traditional media advertisements so you get the best deals and added value. Then, we monitor and track your performance, making adjustments as necessary to keep your campaign fresh, creative, and current. And unlike other marketing agencies, we rely on market research, analytics, and proven methods — not instinct or current fads — to determine your best implementation of digital and traditional media.

Traditional Media Services

Television Advertising

In spite of their ubiquity, streaming services have not killed television marketing. Consistently strong viewership ratings indicate that people still rely on local stations for news, scheduled programming, and live sporting events, making television advertising as relevant as ever. Not only does the combination of sight and sound with emotion and empathy make television ads stimulating and compelling, but the frequency and repetition of the ads put them directly in front of consumers in the comfort of their own home where they may be considering a purchase. As a tried-and-true marketing medium, TV ads increase exposure while promoting credibility, trust, and loyalty among viewers, and they tend to be better tolerated than online ads. TV spots partner well with digital strategies, and Arrow Marketing will help you find the perfect frequency and placement to direct TV traffic to your website or business for bigger ROIs. Click here to learn more about how TV ads can boost your marketing performance.

Radio Advertising

Just like television, broadcast radio stations have stayed strong among a sea of streaming services, continuing to reach more than 90% of all demographic groups. Radio’s accessibility and portability help your advertising touch potential customers in the car, the store, or other public places where they are closest to the purchase end of the marketing funnel. In addition to contributing an engaging and memorable sound component to your marketing strategy, radio advertising affords you the flexibility to selectively target specific market segments by adjusting the frequency and timing of your commercials. Radio advertising is cost-effective because it requires fewer resources to produce, and its short turnaround and lead times allow you to quickly adapt your message to changing market conditions or consumer trends. Click to read more about how Arrow can help your business ride the airwaves.

Billboard Advertising

Billboards create opportunities to magnify your presence and create brand awareness among a broad array of potential customers. Billboards can be perfect for new businesses with multiple locations wanting to announce they are now in an area or businesses directing traffic to their locations. At Arrow, we help you create a memorable message, slogan, or image that appeals to many different types of target customer groups and works for you 24/7. Click for more on billboard advertising.

Print Publications Advertising

Print formats like business and regional magazines, trade journals, industry/niche publications, and newspapers deliver the advantage of an intentional audience. Unlike digital content, consuming print publications takes time and focus. Advertising in print allows you to capitalize on good relationships with loyal, engaged readerships who are deliberate about their content choice and who often have longer attention spans. Print ads enjoy a longer publication display than digital ads and can be customized to appeal to specific audiences with a variety of placements. Drive consumer action by using QR codes, free downloads, or social media URLs to bridge the gap with your other digital platforms. Click to find out how Arrow can enrich your marketing strategy with print publication.

Direct Mail

Direct mail provides a unique, personalized, and tangible touchpoint to your marketing campaign. Direct mail is consistently ranked by consumers as a credible, secure method of advertising that promotes more trust in your brand. Simple to produce and distribute, customized direct mailings can improve response rates by ten-fold, and including a QR code or vanity URL to complement an online branding campaign can produce double-digit ROIs, all while remaining extremely cost-effective. Arrow helps you create the best design and build the right distribution list to maximize your cross-channel marketing, develop brand awareness, and increase consumer engagement. Click for more information on how we use direct mail to expand your reach.

Native Advertising

Native advertising is paid content-based advertising that serves the needs of your target audience through a more direct link. By using your brand’s voice and goals to shape carefully tailored marketing content that blends seamlessly with the chosen medium’s messaging, native advertising is less disruptive and abrasive, and more likely seen than other formats. It also goes a long way in improving the trustworthiness and credibility of your brand, generating higher levels of consumer engagement in metrics like views and purchase intent. At Arrow, we improve the versatility of your content, aligning it with your marketing funnel and weaving it into your other strategy elements. We help determine the best platform and placements and then apply your content appropriately. Click for more on how we make native advertising work for you.

Graphic Design & Branding

Graphic design is at the forefront of almost every aspect of marketing. We can help you create everything from one-off designs for traditional or digital media, to a full branding design with a bold logo, tagline, and visual style guide that represents your identity or company. Strong graphic design helps generate interest, attract attention, and increase consumer engagement across all stages of the purchase funnel. Click here to find out how Arrow’s design team creates the customized aesthetics your business needs to stand out.

Video Production

Few marketing methods add the degree of emotion to your brand that video production can. By incorporating elements such as personal stories, how-to tutorials, commercials, and customer testimonials, video allows you to create a compelling story for your brand that promotes engagement. It also gives you the opportunity to explain complex concepts and tell your story in a concise way that is not limited to 30 or 60-second ad spots but can still be easily viewed and shared on social media. Whether filmed, animated, or a combination of both, Arrow can help you develop and build a library of video content that reinforces trust in your brand, boosts your search engine rankings, and inspires purchase decisions. Click to learn more about Arrow’s comprehensive video production services.

Relationship Management

Relationship management goes beyond just customer acquisition to build loyalty and long-term engagement with your consumer base. By creating an emotional — versus transactional — experience with customers, your business will enjoy higher ROIs, more positive reviews and testimonials, and invaluable customer advice and insight so you can make better business decisions in the future. Arrow can help you create and manage a strong relationship management strategy, for everything from gift baskets, loyalty programs, review management, e-mail marketing, and more. Click to find out more about our relationship management services.

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Arrow Marketing, Media & Consulting is one of Oklahoma City’s premier advertising firms, and we know media. It’s where we all started, and we know what it takes to not only survive in the local market but thrive. We’ve grown with the evolution of media and are passionate about helping small, local business owners and entrepreneurs make the most of their advertising budgets.

The connections we've built and the relationships we've fostered with some of Oklahoma’s largest media and print companies are precisely what you need to get your advertising exactly where you want it at exactly the right time and exactly the right price for maximum media exposure. What’s more, we dedicate the time, attention, and hard work it takes for your marketing strategy to be profitable and productive.

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