This is a question we hear often. We believe digital marketing is a vital tool in any marketing mix, but it can’t replace traditional marketing.

Digital marketing and traditional marketing can have very different goals, audiences, and costs. Each marketing strategy has to be assessed for each campaign’s needs and goals. Various factors go into our marketing consultation to find out what marketing mix is best for your business.

When evaluating a marketing strategy, we look at these four primary factors: 

  1. Marketing budget
  2. Business vertical
  3. Sales goals
  4. Profitability of product  

The Marketing Mix is Vital

To an extent, the marketing budget will dictate what options are available when deciding between a digital marketing approach, a traditional media approach, or a blend of the two. While digital marketing can have a lower cost entry point, traditional media uses a broad approach and can reach a massive amount of people and often costs more to cast that wider net. But affordability isn’t the only factor when looking at budget. Stretching a smaller budget too thin can dilute results, so it’s often better to spend lower monthly budgets on a more targeted marketing approach. 

On the flip side, some business verticals, such as attorneys or banks, can cost more per click in the digital world. We may choose to avoid fighting the digital competition and sometimes excessive costs to create a campaign heavily weighted in traditional marketing in order to stand out from the competition.

With digital media, you can get fairly accurate estimates on the number of impressions and searches/clicks available. If you can’t move the needle on your goals enough with these digital marketing methods, it’s time to pick up the pace and add in some traditional media to your mix to push searches to your site.

Your Marketing Should Lead to Sales

At the end of the day, our biggest concern is our client’s profitability. Marketing is an amazing tool, but if it isn’t translating to sales the marketing mix needs to change. We have clients who continue to see fantastic results from more traditional focused marketing mix, but all factors have to be assessed on an individual basis to determine what is the best fit for business.

If you’re interested in what your best marketing mix is, contact us at 405-213-4268 or email us at and set up your free marketing mix evaluation.