Social Media Management & Ad Placement

Social media is a fast, cost-effective way to reach consumers at every stage in the purchase funnel. Social media can help you:

  • Connect and engage directly with your customers
  • Improve customer service and support
  • Generate leads and increase sales
  • Improve website traffic
  • Learn more about your customers and your market
  • Track your online performance for better ROI
  • Improve conversions with precise targeting and retargeting
  • Build and manage your business reputation
  • Promote your products and services among your most profitable demographics

However, social media is not a monolith; it is a dynamic, multi-faceted medium that is constantly evolving, demanding precision, attention to detail, and thorough assessments to be profitable.

Arrow Marketing, Media & Consulting has the experience you need to navigate the social media domain with confidence. Each of our social media management services is designed to elevate your business, either a la carte or as a complete suite.

All of our services include ongoing performance monitoring, maintenance, and management. We don’t just throw down a strategy or recommendation and walk away; we work diligently to fine-tune it, adjust it, and continuously assess its performance so your marketing approach remains flexible, agile, and bold.

If social media is not part of your marketing strategy, then you could be losing out on thousands of potential customers.

Social Media Services

Social Media Content Creation & Posting

A successful social media strategy requires more than sporadic posting. It requires a cohesive, coordinated effort to create unique, exciting content posted at precisely the right time to precisely the right followers. Your business content should not only educate both current and future customers on your brand, but also engage with them in a meaningful way that builds trust, confidence, and loyalty. At Arrow, our creative team works with you to develop a long-term strategy that delivers the results you need to thrive in the sea of social media. We establish goals and determine the best way to drive your customers through the marketing funnel via graphics, social platforms, and compelling copy. We conduct an in-depth social media audit to find out what’s currently working for you and what’s not, then develop a plan for effective, shareable content. We also plan when we’ll post that content so we can optimize your performance and maximize your reach. Most importantly we monitor your strategy, evaluating key metrics like engagement, reach, and ROI.

Social Media Ad Management

Content creation and posting by itself is only half the story. In today’s crowded social media landscape, organic (or unpaid) social media doesn’t always go as far as you want it to, as you can’t always see where your unpaid content is reaching and you have little control over who engages with it. Paid social media advertising is a valuable complement to the organic content your business is generating. In contrast to more broad advertising methods, paid social gets your content exactly where you need it, targeting your audience for highly specific filters like age, location, demographics, interests, and online behavior. As a supplement to your organic efforts, paid social can also help exponentially magnify your social presence and boost engagement. Your advertising dollars are important. That’s why we take a deliberate, methodical approach to your paid advertising strategy so we can maximize your budget. We’ll determine your target audience, which products or services to promote, and where your best opportunities are. We also consider how best to execute your advertising, such as which call-to-action phrases produce the best feedback and which format and images work well. We’ll continue to assess and refine your campaign to make sure your money is working as hard as you are.

Social Recruitment

Chances are, nearly a quarter of your hiring pool — if not more — is using social media to search for their next job opportunity. This is high-quality talent your business needs to grow and thrive in a rapidly changing social environment. Are you meeting them where they are? Social recruitment strategies are an excellent complement to more traditional methods because they help you narrow your candidate pool for a quicker, more effective hiring process. By using social media platforms and channels to help you search for, attract, and convert talent, social recruitment allows you to cultivate relationships with potential hires and guide them toward the application process. Arrow can help you optimize your efforts by setting hiring goals and identifying the right platforms for your business to find the best talent. We can also streamline your application process to ensure it remains accessible, user-friendly — i.e., mobile — and current.

Social Response

Part of developing steady, loyal customers is responding to them in a timely and professional — yet highly personal — way, especially on social media. Social media is an opportunity for you to interact with your customers and invite them not just to buy your product or service, but to build a relationship with your brand. It’s also one of the best tools you have for preserving your brand and image. However, the way you and your business handle yourselves online while engaging with customers is paramount to establishing a positive, durable online reputation. Arrow helps you establish and execute a careful, intentional social response strategy that helps you cultivate a trustworthy and positive brand image while staying ahead of crisis management. We develop guidelines and key talking points that remain consistent with your business goals, values, and messaging so you have appropriate responses for both positive and negative interactions always at the ready.

Why Arrow


Arrow Marketing, Media & Consulting is one of Oklahoma City’s premier advertising firms, and we know media. It’s where we all started, and we know what it takes to not only survive in the local market but thrive. We’ve grown with the evolution of media and are passionate about helping small, local business owners and entrepreneurs make the most of their advertising budgets.

The connections we’ve built and the relationships we’ve fostered with some of Oklahoma’s largest media and print companies are precisely what you need to get your advertising exactly where you want it at exactly the right time and exactly the right price for maximum media exposure. What’s more, we dedicate the time, attention, and hard work it takes for your marketing strategy to be profitable and productive.

Arrow is a boutique agency focused on only one thing — your success. We pick up the phone, answer the emails, and show up to the meetings, and every project receives the personal attention it deserves from every member of our team.

Call Arrow Marketing, Media & Consulting today and let’s get started building your complete marketing strategy, from traditional to digital and everything in between. You can reach us at 405-213-4268, use our convenient online contact form or email us directly at Let’s get to work.

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